In an increasingly knowledge-based society, the Melbourne UNESCO Observatory bridges the divide between research, community and current practices


via the mainstreaming of the arts in formal and informal learning (intellectual, social, emotional, cultural, aesthetic, spiritual) and enabling the seamless flow of information between schools, governments, ministries, NGOs and individuals.

The Observatory supports UNESCO in the facilitation of international knowledge-sharing by generating, collecting and re-packaging relevant, quality research; allowing access to current information, resources and best practices; advocating for the mainstreaming of arts in educational systems in the Asia-Pacific region; and influencing cultural and educational policy development and management.

Our Vision

The Melbourne UNESCO Arts Education Observatory recognises the pivotal role of the arts in education to foster intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and social cohesion through knowledge-sharing and collaboration. The Observatory contributes to the development of community and identity, challenging outdated ideas and stimulating innovation in a manner that fosters social understanding and tolerance, distinguishing the University, the City of Melbourne, and Australia as global, cultural and educational leaders.


Our Team


Lindy Joubert
Editor In Chief

Rosie Ren
Graphic Designer

Naomi Berman
Associate Editor